Marketing What’s Special About Your Brand

marketing usp

Your unique selling point (USP) is something about your business that you might feel quite strongly about. It’s sometimes difficult to keep your head above water in a sea of competitors all vying for the attention of the same audience. Therefore, developing something that nobody else offers makes a lot of practical sense, even when it’s difficult to identify that element in an increasingly competitive field.

Once you’ve established what your USP actually is, though, how do you convey that to your audiences through your marketing? Do you focus on that singular element, or is it in combination with other factors? How much do you want to rely on it as a selling point at all?

One-Trick Pony

The fear that many brands in your position might have could be coming across as though this is all there is to see. Say, for example, that your USP is something to do with how the customer is offered alternative forms of payment for the services or product that you offer. That’s certainly going to draw some people in, but it might not do much to change the fundamental quality of what you’re offering in the first place. This is the risk of relying on it too much to carry your entire brand.

Instead, in this instance, you might find it more effective to use the alternative payment system as a follow-up to an emphasis on the quality that you’re offering. Paying in smaller installments is useful, but on top of a quality that’s hard to find elsewhere? That might be more appealing to a wider audience.

Assurance of Quality

It might be that your USP is less about something entirely distinct from the quality that you’re looking to provide, but a highlighted aspect that just goes to show what kind of quality is on offer. Security is often a good example of this. Being a respected brand that people trust means knowing how to keep sensitive information safe, allowing for a comfortable user experience the entire time.

Equipping yourself with the best, relevant security means understanding the technology that you use inside and out—understanding the API security best practices and how the cloud can help you to enhance your active systems.

Your marketing becomes an assurance that you’re not content to settle on, you’re doing your best to stay at the very tip of the technological curve.

Customer Service and Communication

These are values that audiences appreciate, but having them as your USP might have you once again running into the problem of marketing parallel to what you’re actually selling. If you can convey how your superior customer service improves the experience, you’re in a better position to explain why you’re the right choice among your competitors.

It might be that your marketing content here is in direct response to some feedback that you’ve received in the past—taking it as an opportunity to address any criticism and showcase that you’re willing to adapt your own approach for the customer.