What to say when someone calls you pretty on Instagram?

What to say when someone calls you pretty on Instagram

Who doesn’t love compliments? There will not be a single person on Earth who doesn’t love being complimented. But not everyone knows how to respond to sweet compliments. It’s not just about thanking the person who is complimenting you but rather the way you compliment that matters the most. Many females on Instagram often get complimented for their beauty or their looks. If the compliments are genuine and not offensive – say for example someone calls you ‘Pretty’- then it is your job to express gratitude. Do not waste time thinking about why the person has chosen to do so. If you inquire, the person may feel like you are hurting their sentiments and it not desirable.

To help you with what you to say when someone calls you ‘Pretty’ on Instagram we have listed a few ways in which you can express gratitude and show that you are honored that they think so. So let’s dive straight in!

A simple yet honest ‘Thank You’

When you say ‘Thank You’ to someone it shows you are humble and appreciative of their gesture. These two words work like magic and make the other person feel like they have been treated with respect. Instagram followers are people just like you and they follow you for a reason. If they feel like you are being disrespectful to someone who calls you ‘Pretty’ they may very well criticize you and unfollow you. So if you don’t have anything to say just say ‘Thank You’.

Compliment back

What to say when someone calls you pretty on Instagram

When someone calls you pretty on Instagram, you can likewise exchange the gesture by complimenting them. You can be specific as well while complimenting back. Have a look at one of their most recent photo post on Instagram. Let them know that they were looking charming or beautiful too in that particular outfit. This shows that you are a down to earth person and believe in complimenting back. If they are going through a rough time, chances are they may feel their spirits being lifted.

As always

If you start thinking about the intentions of the person calling you pretty on Instagram and believe that they are just saying it without meaning it, then you can always respond by saying ‘As Always’. Though you may not care about the person’s intention you can’t be disrespectful towards them. This will result in the creation of a bad image about you among your followers. So try to be polite and disrespectful.


Emojis are a great feature to respond to someone who calls you pretty on Instagram. Instead of ignoring the compliment and the person, you can simply send a smiling emoji. It would reduce the awkwardness between you and them. The response is vague and won’t lead him/her on. You are additionally being extremely decent about it. You can probably leave thereafter, without saying anything to dodge the individual from replying out and out.

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Joke it off without being disrespectful

When the compliment comes from a person who you consider just a friend and you are completely gobsmacked, it is advisable to joke it off without being disrespectful. There are several ways you can do this. Some of them are as described below:

“Well, at least, someone other than my parents think so.”

This is acceptable to utilize when someone finds you napping. It is diverting and can cause the circumstance to feel less awkward. The way that you kidded it off may give him/her the sign that you don’t see him/her in the same way.

“Thanks, I took a shower today!”

This is another clever reaction that you can use to say that you did a bit of something other than what’s expected today. It doesn’t imply that you don’t clean up. The individual will probably get on the joke, making this awkward circumstance something that can be dismissed.

“Okay. So, what do you want?”

This is another clever way to humorously respond to someone who calls you pretty on Instagram. It is a way of light-hearted joking. It means that you don’t believe they are complimenting you without having a purpose in the back of their mind. This may or may not be true depending on your past experiences with them.

“I’d tell you how to do it, but you’d have to pay me.”

This is another interesting reaction that you can utilize when your companion calls you adorable. It implies that he/she isn’t adorable; however, you can help him/her out at the correct cost!

Let them know you are already in a relationship

If the person complimenting you or calling you pretty is someone you know, then it is better to let them know the truth. This is advisable especially when the other person has feelings of love towards you. You can be a bit humorous too while doing so. You can simply reply by saying, “Whoa, there, there, tiger are you hitting on me? I’m already taken, sorry.”

These are some things you can say when someone calls you pretty on Instagram. Remember whatever you may choose to respond to the compliment; do not sound disrespectful and rude. Your followers may not like it and you may end up getting a lot of hate. So deal with such compliments respectfully.