3 Reason Why Animation Major may or may not be Hard for you?


Majoring in animation is one of the youngsters’ most prominent career choices in this exceeding technological era. While animations could be amazing and fun to leave a glance at, many people often wonder about the complexity of learning this subject. Does it require heavy training? Or is it so frustratingly difficult that one could rather pursue some other subject instead? Such concern-filled questions leave no chance of arising in people’s minds who are desiring to obtain this skill as a way of earning or simply, to turn their imagination into reality.

Some even think mastering this art of executing well-synchronized moving pictures would be a hell lot more challenging. But on the contrary, it may also pose as a joyous way of killing time for many animation enthusiasts out there.

Well, animating skills are not something that one can learn in the blink of an eye. It requires spontaneous creativity and the ultimate will to be passionate about the subject. One who wants to opt for the subject needs to be certain that they are following their passion to emerge as an artistic and creative animator, otherwise, putting even substantial efforts would be of no use.

Indeed, the animation results from sheer dedication and passion for learning the subject. Even though many people are quite skeptical of studying and familiarizing themselves with this major choice, it often becomes a mode of key interest for those who decide to follow it. Whether it is tough or not, animation opens the door to many career opportunities which one can pursue as per their interests, becoming a leading career path for today’s youth in return.

It is certain that animation skills require a lot of training and technique work, but whether it is hard and distressing remains a question. Hence, we would be exploring all the key factors and discussions regarding the hardships of an animation major. Is its utmost complexity the ultimate hindrance to becoming a great animator? By the end of this article, you are indeed going to find out.

Why could an animation major be hard for you?

Animations could be complex, time-consuming, and not to forget, overwhelming. Keeping all that in mind, it should be noted that animation should require immense focus and concentration. Hence, to clear up your head, here are some of the factors which could determine why animation majors could be hard.

Animation requires a strong foundation in art, drawing, and storytelling:

One of the fundamentals of animation is aesthetics. Hence, an animator requires constant drawing practice for producing the most picture-worthy, attention-grabbing animations. An eye-pleasing animation is the end product of tremendous artistic approaches which are a medium of enchantment to its viewers. Moreover, Animation is not just some technology-driven occupation with the motive of moving some pictures around, it requires its creators to excel in what they do. Animation requires seeing the world from a different, broadened perspective. It requires strong observation skills through which an animator is able to adapt their surroundings in a distinctive, eccentric way to suit their animations.

Storytelling is the soul of animation and visuals are its core. Production of stunning visuals by artists requires a perfect selection of colors, themes, lighting tones, and expressive characters. For that, having good knowledge of artist techniques is essential.

Animation is the medium for a creator to turn their visions into reality. His creativity, productive mindset, and never-ending stream of emotions can only be depicted in animation with concise storytelling. An unclear and confusing story cannot be driven out as an effective animation that clearly wins the hearts of its spectators. Hence, an animator needs to be an excellent storyteller and a sensible artist in order to make their animation objects lifelike.

 Animation software can be complex and difficult to learn:

Learning any new skill could be difficult and complex initially, and animating is no exception. Animation requires a brilliant outtake over artistry, but another crucial contributing factor to its complexity is its demand for adequate knowledge of technical aspects, particularly physics.

The essence of an animation is motion. Well-synchronized moving scenes in animations can be acquired only when the animator has good command over the theoretical concepts behind them. Hence, studying motion, calculus, and complex mathematics finds its ultimate inclusion in this intriguing yet beguiling field.

The animation could appear arduous to newcomers who have just yet started the journey of animating. Its surrounding tools could be vast and overwhelming, which could be mastered only through continuous practice.

The work can be repetitive and demanding:

Animating is an iterative piece of work. It sometimes requires repeating the same task again and again which could add much to the annoyance of the worker. It demands a high state of patience as it could be time-consuming as well. Animation could give a tedious work environment to a person pursuing it as their major, as it demands close attention to detail, obliging the animator to create frame-by-frame drawings for that flawless finish.

Animation requires dedicating consistent and extensive time from the life of a pursuer. Apart from having to create detail-drenched characters and sceneries, animators often have to redo their entire work if it does not suit their or their overseer’s interest.

Animating is a long process of intricate drawing with intricate programming, and its end product also has to undergo many adjustments and alterations in order to look presentable in front of viewers. Shooting precarious scenes with lots of actions or detailing could give a hand to their tiring day, but even after that, animators often have to endure a tremendous load of work, owing to the tight deadlines. They also have to fight intense competition in the market by presenting distinguished, well-done articles.

Why an animation major could be not hard?

If you are a keen student with the potential to transform your inner stories into very much reality, majoring in animation could be an optimal choice to do so. Despite all the hardships involved, animation has made a place in the hearts of many of its pursuers. It could be a fun activity to do in the meantime or a promising career to start earning with. Some arguments signifying animation of not hard could be as follows:

Animation is a creative and rewarding field:

A creative mind is a blessed mind. Majoring in animation can give its pursuer a wide field to express their inner thoughts and creativity. A well-curated and efficient animation is always appreciated by viewers, thus making it a rewarding field. It could be your go-to medium for unleashing your imaginative side in from of the world. With interesting and engaging storylines and eye-pleasing visuals, animation could be a treat for viewers to watch and animators to create.

The dynamic nature of animation allows the scope for further innovations and techniques. with the expansion of new ideas surfacing through the minds of animators, new characters and storylines emerge out. Technological aspects like introducing new user-friendly tools also become prevalent with the increasing popularity of pursuing animations.

There are many resources available to help animators learn the skills they need:

Yes, being a professional animator with complex and confusing tools to work with, can be tough. But with proper guidance, the work could be done with ease. To make animations more beginner friendly and similar to understand, tutorials and courses are some of the best head starts for beginners that could help them learn the skills, starting at the base level.

Man user-friendly websites such as Adobe also exist that provide its users help stations, tutorials, guides, and everything they could need whenever they get stuck. Nowadays, with increasing exposure to the internet, many animators are now linking with each other as a community, providing encouragement and solidarity to those learning the subject. With existent informative videos on social media sites, animators get proper directions to what they ought to do, preparing their minds in the process.

The job market for animators is growing

As animation is getting more popular day by day, so is the demand for skilled animators increasing in the market. People are now opting for watching mesmerizing animations as their means of entertainment, which motivates firms to produce high-quality, detailed animations. Fulfilling such tasks is done through the teamwork of skillful animators, hence, firms hire them at an extensive rate. Animations that catch the eyes of viewers not only give animators satiating exposure but also accredit them with much high pay. For a passionate animator, this is always a win-win situation.


In conclusion, animation being hard or easy depends on the individual itself. Undoubtedly, the work is complex and time-demanding, but those who are devoted to animating find it wonderfully intensifying. The complex and rewarding tendency of animation resembles two facets of a coin, one incomplete without the other, if animation is tough and engrossing, then it is also appealing and engaging. Moreover, acquiring the art of animating is possible by learning it with concentration and frequent revisions. On top of all that, guidance to learn the subject can always come in handy. Animating is an excellent skill to learn with artistry scattered all around, and it could always work in your favor if you are considerate about it.