How to ask for collaboration on Instagram?

How to ask for collaboration on Instagram

Did you realize that Instagram is the most mainstream channel for influencer marketing efforts?  For the overview, 800 marketing organizations, brands, and experts were met. What’s more, 79% of respondents said they overwhelmingly use Instagram for influencer marketing. Instagram is ruling the influencer marketing scene. If you need to support your sales and get greater visibility, Instagram influencer marketing is the best approach. In this article, we’ll take a gander at various ways you can locate the correct influencers to collaborate with and how you can ask for collaboration on Instagram.

How to find the right influencer for collaborations?

But before we directly jump to the main part, it is important to understand that you need to find the right influencers first. There are several small and big influencers on Instagram. They have a low to a high number of followers. But this isn’t what you must be looking for in the process of finding the right influencer. You must see what is their audience engagement rate? Whether they post regularly, get likes and comments on their posts, and connect with their audience.

At the point when you take a peek at the influencer’s profile, center around what sorts of values they advance. Preferably, your brand’s values ought to line up with those of the influencer. That way, they’re a characteristic fit to advance your brand. Their message is bound to be seen as legitimate and valid. Now that you know how to find the right person for collaboration on Instagram, let us deal with the issue at hand.

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Most appropriate methods to ask for collaboration on Instagram

How to ask for collaboration on Instagram

When you have picked the right influencer for collaboration, the next step is to approach them for the same. There are many intermediaries such as influencer management companies to help you in the process. However, if you feel like personally approaching them for collaboration, here’s how you can do it.  Numerous influencers have explicit rules for how to reach them. In all likelihood, you’ll see them on their online media profiles or their site. Here and there you may need to round out a form with data about your brand and why you’re keen on collaboration. On different occasions, an immediate message on Instagram may likewise work. It truly relies upon the influencer’s inclinations. On the off chance that they haven’t referenced any approach to reach them, you can attempt any of the accompanying methodologies:

  • The good old-fashioned way – Emailing

Emails are the best way to approach someone for business purposes. Through an email, you can introduce your brand and let the influencers know that you wish to work with them. Every email must be unique depending on what type of influencer you are approaching. Do not simply copy-paste the mail body every time. Also, keep it appealing yet direct. Do not wander off in buttering them up. Do proper research about the influencer to know about them in detail.

Craft the mail body in such a way that they will feel the urge to collaborate with you. Make the points intriguing. Pay close attention to the subject of your email. It should be striking and self-explanatory. Begin with admiring their work, what it is about them or their posts that appealed to you, and how can they benefit from a collaboration with you. Remember collaboration is a two-way job. So do not think just about your benefits.

Remember that the principal email that you send ought to be centered on opening a line of communication. It should leave some extension for additional interaction. It’s alright on the off chance that you don’t get to expound on the particulars of your campaign. Toward the finish of the pitch, you should embed a reasonable call-to-action.

  • More direct approach – Direct message

Social media sites like Instagram are a less formal way to approach someone for collaborations. But you should always keep your tone respectful. While messaging an influencer, start with an introduction of yourself or your brand. Let them know you wish to collaborate with them. Keep the message aligned with your intentions. Do not go overboard. Always discuss the details over the call or personal meetings. Direct messages are just a means to break the ice between the two parties.

Since the influencers must be big personalities and they receive hundreds of such messages every day, be patient with them. Do not expect an immediate response. Maybe they will take a few days to reply but do not go on filling their message box. You can rather engage with their posts in the meanwhile. See what they post, like them, and comment on them. This will help you get noticed more quickly in the crowd and improve your chances of getting a quick reply. Also, remember that they have an online presence on many social media sites. So if Instagram doesn’t work, try to get in touch with them via Facebook or Twitter.

Patience and humbleness are two important factors in approaching others on Instagram for collaboration. So do not be disrespectful and in a hurry for getting a reply when you ask for collaboration on Instagram. If you don’t get a response even then, send a reminder. Follow up with them. Try not to send more than two follow-up messages since that will make you appear desperate and it is not something you desire.