What Pets eat Bugs? Bugs that your pet should avoid

What pets eat bugs?

Do bugs dwell in your house? You seriously need pest control…Oh, do you not want to regularly sprinkle chemicals in your home? Then there are some natural Pest controllers for you.

Pets that eat Pest…Sounds interesting; let’s look in detail.

These pet animals will keep bugs away and scare other pests like rats, rodents, etc.

Bonus: They will become your best friends too.

List of pets that eat bugs


Cats are born with a natural hunting instinct. They love to chase other small animals. This is the reason why they love to play chasing games.

Those little, bouncy, or flying bugs attracts your cat towards them. The cat chases them, and when she catches them, it eats them as commonly any predator would do.

Another reason could be that it eats bugs to fulfill its protein requirement as a carnivore.

Cats can snack on most insects like spiders, cricket, flies, etc., and become your natural pest controller.  


What pets eat bugs?

Dogs are curious and eager to explore the world around them. They get curious about everything. Therefore when they look at those teeny-tiny bugs crawling, bouncing, or flying around, they get curious about them and start chasing them.

They also love the taste of those bugs…gross, I know…or they do it out of their hunting instinct.

Whatever the reason be, dos will keep away bugs, rodents, and rats.  


What’s better than a flying friend who keeps bugs in check? You can also own or adopt a bird to keep these creepy crawling bugs away. Birds feed on most bugs, for instance, beetles, mosquitoes, and every other toxic insect for a cat or dog.

Birds like Sparrow, Chickens, and Parrot can be lovely friends of yours and will keep insects and worms away. 

-Barn owls:

 Are you a night owl? Why don’t you find a perfect partner for you who will stay all-night with you? What…confused!!

Owls can be just the perfect pet for you and will also munch on every other bug, rat, or Pest.


To all those enthusiastic pet owners…are you bored of own a cat or a dog? Then why don’t you own a Snake? 

Snakes can be the most exciting pet, and they will even drive pests away from your house. 

-Toads and Frogs: 

You can even adopt frogs as a pet. They can be great pets. Plus, they don’t require much care or maintenance. 

Plus, do you know your pet frogs will feed him by eating living insects and worms such as crickets, earthworms, and mealworms.


 You can also adopt a pet rat. I know what you all might be thinking… Pest as a pet??… But believe me, rats are the most underrated and misunderstood pets. 

To be clear, A well-bred rat is clean and healthy, and it will be as kind as well-bred do to you. It will also eat small insects and bugs from your house.

Bugs that your pet should avoid

Your pets can be an excellent pest controller for you, but there are some bugs or insects that your pet should not snack on.

  • Cockroaches: 

Next time, when you see those cockroaches, don’t run alone but take your pets along with you. Cockroaches transmit intestinal parasites in the body of their predator. 

So if your pet eats cockroaches, they are probably sharing bacteria and viruses with them. 

  • Bees:

Insects like bees or wasps can bite or sting your pet. It can cause severe inflammation and swell on their face. It can also be painful for them

  • Fireflies:

Fireflies contain lucibufagins named chemical in them, which makes them glow in the dark. If your pet consumes a firefly, it will be dangerous for them, and even they can die.

  • Mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes carry with them disease and, if consumed by your pet, can harm them. They can transmit heartworms, viruses, and bacteria in your pet’s stomach. 

  • Caterpillars:

Though they are soon to be butterflies, Caterpillars are considered a dangerous bug for your pet to consume. Caterpillar had microscopic hairs which can stick in their throat. 

Some can even be venomous.