Why Pets should not be allowed in Public Places?

Pets are cute for some people but can be terrifying for others. Pets especially dogs can fly many people into a panic. So if you are one of those then imagine a big furious looking dog sitting next to the bench of yours and staring at you. Scared!! Right, that’s why in many public places dog not allow pets in public places.

Nowadays people own varieties of pets, from a simple rodent to more exotic animals like snakes, monkeys, etc. Imagine if there is no restriction on bringing pets in public places what kind of ruckus it would create? A bi metropolitan city would transform into a jungle right away.

Many Pets owners doges claim that their pets are tamed and dogs does not behave wildly, but there are many other issues with a pet in a public place. Let’s check out some reason why many people believe a pet should not be allowed in a public place.

Reasons why a pet should not be allowed in a public place

  1. Fear: Your cute pet can be a nightmare for another person. It could be because of a trauma or unfamiliarity with the animal. The fear could even cause a heart attack or panic attacks. You should take care that your passion doesn’t harm another person in any way. Pets like dogs can have a habit of jumping off people and licking them which can be fearful for others.
  2. Allergies: Many people are allergic to other animals. Their smell or hair can cause itching in their eyes, followed by swelling. Or it could instigates sneezing or an asthma attack. There are millions of people having similar allergies.
  3. Smell: Even if you have to bathe your dog with a fragrant shampoo your dog can smell awful to other people.
  4. Safety risk: A dog can bite another person, a cat may scratch them, or a snake might bite them (even if unpoisoned). A pet must be banned from a public place as it poses safety risks to other people. There are many cases where a Dog bites a person who was trying to pet her.

In another case, A dog can smell food and if someone is carrying a food parcel with him your dog can become crazy (droll) and start chasing them. Moreover, pet bites can be dangerous and their treatment can be hurtful and costly too (injections).

  1. Unhygienic: If a pet is set loose to run in a public place such as parks, what will he do? Dirty it with his urine and feces. Moreover, dogs love to roll on the grasses, feces, and even dead animals. The thought of this is even enough to instigate the vomit of many.
  2. Pets owner usually leave their pet wastes like that which can contaminate the surroundings.
  3. Disease carrier: A pet carries many germs and diseases with itself which can inflict other people if they are allowed to roam in public places. A pet should not be allowed in restaurants or café for their germs can spread and also it is unhygienic and uncomfortable for other people.
  4. Annoying: A pet could be noisy and irritating. His cute, playful activities can be annoying for other people. A pet sheds hairs, furs, or droll everywhere. This is unhygienic as well as annoying.

These were some of the reasons why many people believe a pet should not be allowed to roam freely in a public place. What’s your opinion on this?