[7 species] What Pet Eats Worms? – Detailed Guide

What pet eats worms

Worms? These small wriggly creatures are beneficial for your garden soil. But you probably don’t want them to cause damage to your beautiful GardenGarden. Do you know many Pets can act as natural pest control and keep the worm population in check?  

Pets as a companion

Their owners keep pets for companionship and pleasure. Generally, most people own Cats or Dogs as a pet; there is a list of pets that you can own other than these. These pets will keep your companion and act as a natural pest controller for your house and GardenGarden.  

Different Types of Pets

People can choose Reptiles, birds, Rodents, or Amphibians as pets. At the same time, a cat or dog lives in the house with its owners. Reptiles like snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, etc., are kept in the vivarium. Aquatic animals like fishes are kept in an aquarium. Some animals like rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc., are kept in a cage or hutch.

Some pets are kept outdoors like mules, donkeys, horses, goats, etc. Insects can also be kept as pets in an insect net-like ants, grasshopper, beetles, etc. 

Lets us first understand what a worm is and which worms are destructive to your GardenGarden.


Worms are invertebrate animals. They have soft, slender, and long bodies.

While generally, worms are beneficial for your GardenGarden. Worms like earthworms are healthy for your plants and GardenGarden as they increase the soil’s aeration and help the roots go further deeper in the ground.

But there are many bad worms bugs which are highly destructive you’re your garden plants. There are worms and bugs which can cause severe damage to your plant’s leaves, bud, flowers, etc. 

Worst Worms for your Garden

Some worms are good, and some are worst for your GardenGarden. But to determine, you need to have a good knowledge of worms and their types. Here we have listed some harmful worms, bugs. 

Aphids: They are harmful to your buds, flowers, and leaves. Also, they carry plant viruses with them.

– Black vine weevil: This pest feed on ornamental garden plants.

Cutworms: These worms are dangerous as they feed on the stems and roots of plants. 

Wireworms: Plants infected by them fails to germinate as they eat the inside of seeds. 

Trips: These insects attack buds, flowers, leaves, etc.

– There are many other worms, insects, and bugs that are dangerous for your GardenGarden and your plants, for instance, tarnished bug, harlequin bug, stink bug, rose chafer, spiders, etc. 

List of pets that can keep your GardenGarden clean

Here are some natural pest controllers for you which will do daily pest control in your GardenGarden and keeping it free from worms, bugs, etc. 

  • Birds: 

Birds are common predators of worms and can keep your GardenGarden in check. You can select among many birds to keep as pets, for instance, Robin, Sparrows, Cuckoos, Warblers, etc. 

Birds easily find worms and eat them. They can eat a variety of worms like caterpillars, rootworms,

  • Fishes:

Do you have a small pond in your GardenGarden? Some worms like roundworms, wormlike leeches, etc., live in water. You can add Fishes in that pond which can also consume these small worms or creatures. 

  • Frogs:

Frogs will also eat small insects and worms with their long, sticky tongue. They can easily catch flying insects also.

  • Turtles:

These beautiful exotic pets also eat worms and small insects. Though they require high maintenance, they will surely increase your Garden’sGarden charm.

  • Lizards:

Lizards can be an exciting pet for you if you are on the reptile side. You can own among a variety of lizards to keep as a pet. They will not only eat worms but will eat insects too. 

  • Rats:

Rats or Mice are also a great option for you to keep as a pet. They are the most underrated pets, but they are super clean and super friendly creatures despite popular belief. They will eat small insects and worms from your house and GardenGarden.

  • Snakes:

Many varieties of snakes will feed on small insects and worms. They can be an exotic pet for you and chase away most pests, including rats, rodents, insects, worms, etc.