Mental Health benefits of having a Pet

Mental health benefits of having a pet

“They also make you get out of bed knowing that you have another life depending on you. I have to get my arse in gear to feed and clean out my guinea pigs every day otherwise they are helpless. I got my rescue cat after 8 years of living alone. This single act completely changed my life. I also then got a dog after my partner and I had lost several babies via miscarriage and we were told I would never carry to term. She taught me to breathe again.”

  1. Playing with a pet elevates your serotonin levels
  2. They make you feel safe
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  3. They reduce anxiety and depression: A lot of studies say that when you have a pet it can bring a lot of happiness in your life. It’s like having a best friend all the time with you. If you are dealing with anxiety or depression then take a pet, they will calm you.
  4. Their playful energy and exuberance are infectious
  5. They provide companionship and company: nobody likes to experience loneliness and these pets can help you conquer that. You can do fun activities together, share your life with them, treat each other, play and whatnot.
  6. They add purpose and fulfillment to one’s life
  7. They provide a way to meet new people and socialize (e.g. at a park): I remember my friend met her fiance through her pet only. It is a great way to meet new people through your pets. Not only will your pets make new friends but so will you. Also, having someone with similar interests already is so good.
  8. They provide sensory relief
  9. The quality time you spend with them provides some separation from life stressors (e.g. work commitments)
  10. They help add structure and routine to your day: a child or an adult becomes more responsible when given a pet. Making meals for them, taking them out for a walk, hanging out with them, bathing them, all of these tasks which are done daily are a great way to add structure to your routine. It is a lot of hard work indeed but you learn to be productive and proud of yourself.
  11. They provide unconditional love: pets don’t need anything from you other than love and they give the same too. Unconditional love is all they are made of. Happy balls of energy.
  12. They make one feel less alone in their darker moments
  13. They remind you to be present and enjoy the moment
  14. They help maintain a social connection when you’re too burned out to meet others
  15. They can “soften you” and allow you to let your guard down