ABCs of Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Acquisition Overview Report is an instrumental mix of Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion data that gives the marketer useful insights. Acquisition reports credit your users with different marketing channel schemes. These can be clarified as follows:


It characterizes the “how” of the traffic for example how individuals wound up on your site. These reports are handy in deciding the source and course that brought visitors onto your website. There are various layers to this report assisting with making it as granular and exact as could be expected. For example, these reports can evaluate which keyword drives the most extreme traffic from an advertisement.


Straightforwardly, these reports are proof of the exercises revealed by the users once they land on your website. It advantageously converts into the functionality and effectiveness of the site. The behavior Flow View option in the report delivers an extensive guide of the way taken by different user portions and shows you the highs and lows of your web design in channeling the users towards the ideal objective.



Conversion fundamentally implies transforming the users into clients by provoking them to play out the proposed objective activity. For instance, on the off chance that you have a web-based business site that sells books, the quantity of individuals who put in a request for books is resolved through conversion statistics.

Let’s now dissect the data obtained through Acquisition Reports and how they can be a piece of valuable knowledge for advanced marketers. The report gives subtleties relating to the categories of:

  • Channels
  • Source/Medium
  • Campaigns
  • Referrals
  • Ads

Every one of these categories helps the marketer in deciding the measure of traffic and the degree of engagement and user experiences on your website.


Deciding the best channel and the most favored medium of your users is imperative to survey where to think about your marketing endeavors. The custom channel groupings in an Acquisition Report contains the accompanying:

  • Organic:

    This is the traffic directed through search engines, for example, Google, Bing, and so on directly from the individual SERPs.

  • Referral:

    The users who are directed to your site through the references of your website on different pages go under the Referral classification.

  • Social:

    This incorporates the traffic guided through Social Media platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth.

  • Paid Search:

    This goes ahead with the SERP as well, however with a paid benefit. The search engine pushes the website interface over to the top for expanded visibility.

  • Direct:

    Direct visitors are the ones who input the website URL directly to arrive at the page.

  • Email:

    You get these users through email marketing. The users become mindful of the website through the links given in the email.


It is mandatory to understand the qualification between a medium and a source. A source leads directly to your website while a medium is the implies that carried the guest to the source. Fundamentally, the user goes through the medium to the source which leads to your website. For example, on the off chance that the medium is resolved to be organic, Google could be the source. Or on the other hand on the off chance that the medium is a Social Network, the source could be any of the Social Networking platforms like Facebook or Instagram.


Referrals are essentially unfamiliar web pages or sites that have links to your website. The Referrals report decides the traffic that effectively pours in from such sites. If backlinking is in your marketing plan, this report will decide its effectiveness and prompts the focuses to improve.


Campaigns give a more granular methodology towards the Source/Medium breakdown. Mission reports use the Urchin Tracking Modules (UTM) parameters on the designated URL to indicate the mission through which a specific user or fragment of users showed up on your site.


Google Ads reports are fundamental on the off chance that you are running a PPC crusade. Tracking campaigns, performing changes, and dissecting the exhibition of individual keywords should be possible on reviewing this report. Post-click measurements like conversions, ROI, and RPC can likewise be controlled by this report.

Savvy data-driven change is the quintessence of progress and the soul of a leap forwards. The Google Analytics Acquisition Overview Report sums up the vehicle that the users took to show up at your website, the exercises, and moves they made once on your website and the way that lead them towards changing over into clients.