How to check the travel ban in UAE? What happens if you are banned?

UAE is a dream destination for many people around the world. The reason behind saying this is the high standards of living that the nation offers to its guests. But very few know about the strict nature of the UAE when it comes to rules and regulations. Well, it isn’t wrong too. Since it is giving the best that it has to you, it also expects the same from you. It too has to keep up with the level of living that it offers. Though the population in UAE is diverse and it enjoys good economic growth, the people in the nation can be in serious trouble if they do not obey the laws. The same applies to the visitors that stay in the UAE for a short period. Fleeing the nation will only put you in legal trouble.

Many times the local government and law officers may impose a travel ban if you break any law. This ensures that you are held accountable for your actions. So before traveling to UAE you must know about the factors that cause a travel ban to be imposed on you and how to check if you have a travel ban in UAE.

How do you get a travel ban imposed on you?

There are several reasons why a travel ban may be imposed on you if you are in UAE. The UAE immigration ban check is prudent to keep away from any unexpected and horrible circumstances. So be sure to have one at the air terminal’s immigration department. Some common reasons why a travel ban may be imposed on you include:

  • A pending criminal case.
  • Infringement of immigration laws.
  • Unpaid monetary obligations.
  • Lease debates.
  • Work without a legitimate work license.
  • Overstaying on the visa.
  • Leaving the country without discussing with your employer and nullifying the work permit.

What happens when a travel ban is imposed on you in UAE?

What happens when a travel ban is imposed on you in UAE

If you get to have a travel ban imposed on you because of either of the above reasons, certain restrictions may be placed on you. It is highly recommended that you follow them and avoid any further consequences. The travel ban essentially restricts you from getting past the nation’s borders. This means you won’t be able to enter, re-enter or exit the nation. This is mandatory until you fulfill certain conditions and have the travel ban lifted from you.

How to check the travel ban in UAE?

UAE inhabitants can check on the off chance that they have a travel ban online by benefiting the online gratis assistance by the Dubai Police. By visiting the Police Station you can become acquainted with if the movement ban has been forced because of some monetary cases in the emirate of Dubai as it were. You can get this service by visiting the Dubai Police website or download the Dubai Police application. The application is accessible on Google Play and iTunes.

A helpful method to discover UAE visa ban status is to settle on a telephone decision. You should give your identification number and a couple of different subtleties to the call community specialist. Dubai inhabitants can contact the Amer service on the number 800-5111. For abroad use, one may approach +971-4-313-9999. This is additionally the most ideal approach to check UAE travel ban status with your visa number.

One can likewise recruit a lawyer/lawyer to lead an intensive check for the benefit of you on the off chance that you are confronting a potential travel ban. This is the most ideal choice on the off chance that there is a probability of a capture warrant being forced on you. Additionally, checking through a lawyer is some of the time the best way to check a travel ban in UAE if you are not in the country.

How to check the status of the travel ban in the UAE?

If at all you have a travel ban imposed on you, then the most ideal way to check the status of the ban is to check it on the internet. You just have to follow the steps given below to check the status of your travel ban online.

  • The fundamental prerequisite to check the travel ban status online is to have a substantial Emirates ID card.
  • Visit the official site of Dubai Police or download the Dubai Police shrewd application that is accessible on both Google Play and iTunes.
  • Select ‘Criminal Status of Financial Cases’ that is recorded among their Individual Services area.
  • Fill in your name and Emirates ID card number.
  • On the off chance that there is a travel ban, you will be cautioned and encouraged to go to any Dubai Police station alongside your Emirates ID, passport duplicate, and an Authority Letter.
  • There is no service charge for checking travel ban status online through the Dubai Police site and application.
  • For additional requests concerning travel ban and criminal status of financial cases, you can call the Dubai Police direct line for Criminal Investigation Department for example 901 or send an email to [email protected].

This is how you can check the travel ban in UAE. If you are living in UAE or planning to visit it, it is advisable to be familiar with all the local laws to avoid a travel ban. Also, if at all you get a travel ban imposed on you, try to follow all the legal procedures to not have any serious legal issues. The officials are very strict and will do anything to see that you follow the law.