How to Practice Mindfulness?

  • Trust yourself enough to let go, shift, and uproot. Permit yourself to shed who you used to be. you are allowed to start over and find new ways to bloom into your best self. -Alex Elle
  • People will always see what they want to see/ what they limit themselves to see.. don’t let their projections control your reality. What matters is what you want to see in your life. Stop comparing, stop complaining, stop doubting, listen to some binaural beats to reprogram your mind to a higher thought process. Life isn’t happening to you. You are creating your life with every single thought, emotion, and action you choose to have/ take daily… Choose Better =Receive Better Results. 


  • Challenge tend to take a break from our healthy habits around the holidays. This is completely acceptable, and a day or two of doing things differently won’t drastically change your life. However, there are some habits we need even more during the holidays. Whether it’s dealing with the stress of cooking or cleaning or dealing with the difficult personalities in your family, or maybe this year, it’s the fact that we might not get to see everyone in person. Habits like movement, mindfulness and meditation become even more important during times like these. So while you might not go full out on your workout, a simple walk outdoors or a different form of movement might help. While you might indulge in delicious foods, being mindful and present with each bite might help you listen to your body. While you might not sit down for a 10-20 minute meditation, simply stepping into a quiet corner and taking ten deep breaths might help.

• How to Mindfully eat a piece of chocolate? 1. Select a piece of chocolate 2. Unwrap slowly, hearing the crinkle of the foil 3. Observe the chocolate: – Notice what it looks like – Notice how it feels between your fingers – Bring it to your nose, notice the smell 4. Take a small bite 5. Chew slowly or let it melt in your mouth, noticing the flavours and textures on your tongue before swallowing. (Option to close your eyes) 6. Pause to notice the flavour that lingers after 7. Decide if you want more & repeat if desired

  • The differences. The divide. The contention seems to be growing, pushing, causing our fingers to point and eyes to roll. The deeper we swim into this year we all wish would end, and the closer we get to the election next week, I feel like it’s more important than ever to look for the similarities we have with those we love, those we live by, and even those loud internet strangers we can’t seem to avoid. In this together.


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