Pet Ownership – Advantages and Disadvantages!!

Pet ownership

Most of us have a hobby to keep cats and dogs as pets. We treat them as family members and provide them with foster care in return for a lot of love and support. It is great to have a new member of the family who is not alike, and we can spend a lot of time understanding them and creating a friendship bond. However, keeping these fluffy balls of energy has its pros and cons, let us see. 


  • It is no secret that pets are indeed a man’s best friend. They give you a lot of love and help you feel less lonely. 
  • They are faithful and loyal to you and provide a sense of security in the household, keeping all the danger away. The dogs and cats make noise if an unknown person is in the community. 
  • They are great for your mental health. Studies show that those who suffer from DEPRESSION or ANXIETY should have some animals in their household to boost serotonin. 
  • Children with dogs tend to have better self-esteem. They become more responsible and know how to take care and also how to hold authority. 
  • Regular dog walking can improve health fitness. You will be able to spend time with your dog and will be able to improve your health.
  • Patting a dog lowers blood pressure and hence the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 


Pet ownership

  • Animals are a carrier of many diseases and infections that can be spread via their fur and saliva even if you get them vaccinated. 
  • They create a lot of noise and may disturb your space at the time of sleep and work. 
  • It is a lot of work to keep them, and it is practically almost alike, keeping another human being hence a lot of responsibility. Starting from bathing, cleaning and whatnot. 
  • They may destroy your items and materials. 
  • They can hinder travel if good daycare is not available for them. 
  • Grief over the death of pets. It can provide a lot of trauma and may scar you for life as it is not easy to lose a living loved one, someone who has stayed with you day and night. 

Indeed keeping a pet has its perks but also comes with a lot of burdens. The conclusion is not well structured and depends on you. If you are going to own a pet, think about what it could offer you and how you would take care of it if it is essential or not. You know yourself better than anyone else, and what you may, may not need in life. However, if you do own a pet, click many pictures and have a lot of fun. All the best!