Things that can hurt your Mental Health

Things that can hurt your mental health
  • Not taking time for yourself:

It is very important to practice solitude. Solitude helps us to be alone with ourselves. Spending time with yourself, in turn, promotes self-love, you get to understand yourself better, practice hobbies, like your own company and whatnot. However, if you don’t take a break from the outside world and spend time with yourself it can actually harm your mental health, we need to take a break once in a while and do things we love. This can be some sort of hobby like painting, dancing. It can be going out to eat alone, it can be working out, writing, studying, watching movies or whatever you prefer. Basically, things that make you happy.

  • Too much social media:

Social media these days is actually very toxic for your mental health. We may think that social media is very cool and a fun way to interact with others, yes that is there but it also has a lot of problems involved. Social media lets us think that perfect is normal and normal is boring or not enough. Everybody tries to portray their best self on social media which can make us feel the fear of missing out. Nobody puts out their failures or anything and tries to scam us. All of this can be overwhelming and harmful for our mental health.

  • Not sleeping well enough:

 Things that can hurt your mental health

It is said that an average person needs about 7-9 hrs of sleep daily. This is extremely important if you want to practice a healthy lifestyle. Getting uninterrupted sleep leads to a lot of physical and mental health issues. You will actually feel more tired the next day and will not be able to work well.

  • Absence of physical activity:

No physical activity just leads to laziness. Spending all the time sleeping and working is not good, you need to spend time to do some sort of workout as well. This can be in the form of a sport like a badminton, it can be swimming. Going to the gym or just playing with your friends. For good mental and physical health, make sure you workout atleast 5 times a week.

  • Toxic relationship:

A toxic relationship is when the other person doesn’t take care of your needs and doesn’t value you. The whole of relationships is to spread love, have a sense of companionship, and just be there for each other. It is to help us grow as better individuals. However, if you are in a relationship that doesn’t work on these terms and makes you feel less about yourself then it is better to cut off from that individual. If a lot of your mental health degrades because of it then it’s not good.

  • People-pleasing:

Obviously, if you are out there seeking validation from others and doing a lot of people-pleasing then that’s not good. It will just degrade your self-love even more.