Top 4 Movies about Loneliness

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Loneliness is a feeling or a state that we have all experienced at some point and it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Sometimes, people want to be isolated to get through some of their problems by themselves. And honestly, it can help most of the time.

So, while most of us take the word “lonely” in a negative sense, it doesn’t necessarily have to be only that. You can look at it from another angle and it could actually be a good thing for some people since they learn to grow as a person.

Of course, this might not be easy to imagine, especially because humans are social creatures and have a need to communicate and live as a community. But this is why we have compiled this list of movies that target this specific theme.

Watching these movies, you might get a sense of loneliness yourself, but that’s just how well-done these movies are. So, before you start watching them, make sure to double-check your internet connection so you get immersed in the movies and enjoy them to the fullest! Click here if you are looking for a good internet connection.

Let’s check out the movies now!

Lost in Translation

If you travel frequently, you might have an idea of how it feels to be in a foreign country where nobody understands you. Now, we have so many ways to communicate using translation apps and more, however, this wasn’t always the case. In this movie, we see a popular actor, Bob, travel to Japan to film a whiskey commercial, but things don’t seem to be going as smoothly as he thought they would.

In addition to things not going his way, he feels completely out of place and isolated due to the language barrier, before he meets Charlotte, a fellow American. Charlotte is in Japan as she has accompanied her photographer husband and feels lonely and isolated just like Bob. Both of them become friends over time as they bond over their mid-life crises and being stuck in a foreign place.


Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept, especially now when we see tools like ChatGPT all over the internet. Once upon a time, we used to watch movies where robots and machines replaced humans for better or for worse, and it all seemed like fiction. However, it doesn’t seem fictional anymore. This movie further adds another possibility of AI influencing human lives. Theodore Twombly is a lonely writer, who purchases an operating system with a virtual assistant.

He names this virtual assistant Samantha and she is powered by AI allowing her to have human-like interactions with Theodore. Soon after, Theodore develops feelings toward Samantha. This makes him feel depressed since he knows that Samantha will never really develop feelings. The movie really does make you think of the possibilities of evolving AI and technology and how much it all can affect us.

Cast Away

Many of us have wondered what it would feel like to be stranded alone on an island as children. The idea sounds bizarre and not at all life-threatening when we were kids. However, if something like this were to actually happen, chances of survival are basically zero or pretty close to it. This movie will show you exactly how and why. Chuck is a FedEx employee who happens to be on a flight that encounters a terrible storm and crashes into the sea.

He washes up on a deserted island in the South Pacific and now, he must find a way of survival all the while hoping for a rescue of some sort. This movie shows us what it is truly like to be alone in an unfamiliar place. Of course, it makes you glad for all the technology around us and how advanced everything has become such that incidents like this might not ever happen.

The Martian

Being stranded on an inhabited island can be scary, but what about being stranded on another planet? At least you have oxygen on the island, right? What happens when you run out of oxygen on another planet? It’s certain death and there are no passing ships or planes to rescue you either. This is exactly what we see in this movie. Mark Watney, an astronaut, gets left behind on Mars accidentally while out on a mission.

While his colleagues think that he is dead, Mark makes it back to their camp and realizes that the crew has already taken off. In order to survive, he uses available resources and plants potatoes all while trying to establish communication with NASA again. Due to the harsh terrain and weather on Mars, his food supply and resources keep being depleted and time is running out.


Aside from these well-produced movies, there are plenty of others that can shake you to the core and thus, are not particularly advised unless you know you can handle it. These movies are fairly more light-hearted than them and so, they are a good watch for the weekend!