How to Find Your Tattoo Style as an Artist?

tattoo stylee

You might know you have a passion for tattooing and know you want it to be your profession, but a common worry among those who want to tattoo is finding their signature style. This needs to be something that is enjoyed but that you are also skilled at, and finding that combination is the key to success.

There are a couple of different things you can try to help you find your tattoo style, and this piece is going to take a look at a few of them.

1 – Research and Study Tattoo Styles

The first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with different tattoo styles. This can be anything from traditional, neo-traditional, realism, watercolor, blackwork, dot work, tribal, and geometric – just to name a few!
Study the history, techniques, and characteristics of each style as this will help you understand how something is done, why something is done, and will allow you to find some inspiration for your own! Once you have found some styles you love, you can start experimenting with mixing the ideas together to create your own.

2 – Who Are Your Artistic Influences?

Take a look and make a note of the artists and art forms that inspire and excite you. When you deep dive into various art movements, such as surrealism, impressionism, or pop art, you should be able to identify elements that resonate with you. You can then analyze how these influences can translate into tattoo art and what you envision that looking like.

3 – Create a Portfolio

Develop a portfolio that showcases your artwork across different styles and mediums. This will help you identify recurring themes, motifs, or techniques that you naturally gravitate toward and will also give clients an idea of how you work. Take note of the elements that receive positive feedback or generate a strong personal connection so you can work on them. And, if you are practicing on skin sheets, don’t forget to use high quality tattoo ink and a reliable kit so your work is consistent.

4 – What are Your Personal Interests?

Think about your personal interests, hobbies, and passions when trying to find your tattoo style. Incorporating subjects that you genuinely enjoy can make your tattoo art more authentic and enjoyable. Whether it’s nature, animals, or fantasy, find ways to infuse your passions into your tattoo style, which can help make it uniquely yours.

5 – Welcome Feedback and Critique

Share your artwork with other artists, mentors, or tattoo enthusiasts. Any constructive criticism they offer could provide valuable insights and help you refine your style. Be open to feedback, but also trust your instincts and stay true to what you like.

6 – Tattoo Apprenticeship

If you are able to, having a tattoo apprenticeship under an experienced artist could give you some valuable insight. This hands-on training will help you learn various tattoo techniques, gain practical experience, and further refine your style with guidance from an experienced professional.