[Top 6 Places] Where to travel in November?

Where to travel in November

November is the month when most of the world experiences the pleasant cold. Yes, the weather is chilly, but it won’t freeze you to death. You can enjoy trekking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and cycling in the cold breezes that blow over. However, there are certain locations where the rain completely drenches the surroundings. That is why it is important to choose the perfect location to travel to in November. This article is intended to provide you details regarding some beautiful locations in the world where you can make lifelong memories.


Temperatures drop and snow starts to fall, however, this carries a heap of various encounters to a Canada trip. Winter celebrations, ice-skating arenas, and Christmas markets open at the month’s end, making it an ideal opportunity for a city break. Wrap up for a mobile visit before tasting hot cocoa, or stay comfortable inside exhibition halls and displays. You can at present investigate the nation’s wild zones, as well. Tourists’ numbers are low during this season, so you can appreciate the beautiful views on the snow-spread mountains in isolation. You may likewise get the last part of the salmon run along British Columbia’s coast or the polar-bear watching season in Churchill.

  • Places to Visit: Polar bear viewing in Canada, Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, and Algonquin Provincial Park.
  • November Temperature (Day): – 16 to 9°C, contingent upon the district.
  • November precipitation: 9 to 358mm differs by area.


Spring is going all out and temperatures are on the ascent; however, are as yet gentle enough to make for open to climbing conditions along the coast and in the nation’s public parks. Scenes in the north are peppered with wildflowers after blustery storms, and rainforests and wetlands are buzzing with flying creatures and other natural life. It’s additionally a decent an ideal opportunity to walk city roads in the south, where it’s warm and dry, and for an excursion along the east coast before the days heat up. It’s warm and radiant on the seashores, even though the water is a little cooler after the cold weather months.

  • Places to Visit: Margaret River, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and Blue Mountains National Park.
  • November Temperature (Day): 19 to 38°C, contingent upon locale.
  • November precipitation: 4 to 611mm, changes by the district.

South Africa

Denoting the start of South Africa’s late spring, November brings agreeably warm temperatures, without being as hot as later in the season. While downpours show up in certain territories, for example, Kruger National Park and KwaZulu-Natal, these will in general be short and blustery, leaving the air new subsequently. It implies there are fewer guests on safari in the Kruger, despite it being a decent an ideal opportunity for seeing natural life. Somewhere else, it’s a decent and ideal opportunity to drive the Garden Route. You can even now respite to see southern right whales off the coast before they relocate south.

  • Places to Visit: The Garden Route, Pilanesberg National Park, and Eastern Cape safari.
  • November Temperature (Day): 22 to 31°C, contingent upon locale.
  • November precipitation: 9 to 157mm, shifts by locale.


Kitakyushu flower tunnels Japan

With fresh air, blue skies, and the most splendid foliage of the period. November is a magnificent chance to visit Japan. Mountainsides eject in blazing orange, brilliant blood red, and shining gold leaves, giving an eye-getting scenery to the nation’s many strolling trails. In the urban communities, you can visit sanctuaries and altars, which frequently have verdant nurseries, for simple foliage seeing. Mornings and nights can be cold, particularly close to the furthest limit of the month, yet it’s anything but difficult to slip into a natural aquifer to heat up.

  • Places to Visit: Gardens of Japan, Kitakyushu flower tunnels, and Capsule hotels.
  • November Temperature (Day): – 5 to 23°C, contingent upon the district.
  • November precipitation: 53 to 244mm, changes by the district.

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November is perhaps the most famous months to investigate Vietnam. In the northern zones, the warmth, downpour, and mugginess of summer begin to diminish significantly. You’ll discover agreeably warm temperatures and dry days. In the south, this is the start of the hot dry season, making it a superb chance to unwind on Vietnam’s seashores including Phu Quoc, Mui Ne, and Phan Thiet. The focal area stays mild during this season, yet you can anticipate incidental eruptions of unexpected, substantial precipitation.

  • Places to Visit: Vietnam’s best seashore resorts, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, and Sapa Countryside.
  • November Temperature (Day): 25 to 34°C, contingent upon the district.
  • November precipitation: 83 to 625mm fluctuates by locale.

Costa Rica

The finish of the stormy season in Costa Rica can be hard to anticipate, yet the heaviest downpour is generally over by mid-to-late November. Visiting right now implies there’ll be fewer individuals, so you’ll profit by a more extensive selection of lodgings at a great worth. You’ll additionally discover temperatures are more agreeable than throughout the mid-year months, remaining enjoyably warm. In public stops, fewer visitors mean untamed life can be simpler to spot and the backwoods will be especially green after the downpours, with cascades in full stream. It’s additionally an ideal opportunity to unwind along both of the coasts, where it’s simply warming up. However, you don’t see the groups that late spring brings.

  • Places to Visit: Manuel Antonio National Park, Arenal Volcano (Volcan Arenal), and Monteverde and the Cloud Forests.
  • November Temperature (Day): 24 to 33°C, contingent upon locale.
  • November precipitation: 0 to 238mm, fluctuates by the district.