What are some of the best travel locations never heard of?

Best travel locations never heard of

A traveler is always on the hunt of going to a place that they have never seen or heard about and hence they are always on the search to find something new and exciting. Are you one of them? As you are looking for some exciting location that is the most beautiful but not many of them know about it and hence you won’t be the few of them who has visited the place and also wants to flaunt in front of others talking about it.

Wondering how to find out such an exotic location? Well, we are with the best travel location that you have never heard of and I am sure after you will get to know them, you will be on your toes to start visiting each and every location.

So let’s know them all-

We have brought to you 10 such best location that will definitely win your heart.

  1. Samarkand, Uzbekistan is #1 in our best travel locations.
    Samarkand Uzbekistan

This is a true treasure on the earth with many magnificent monuments that will steal your heart forever, you will love this place and this will definitely be on the list of your top traveled places. This place located on the silk road between China. The Mediterranean is one of the famous cities of Central Asia. This place is known for its beautiful architecture that resembles the mosque and madrasa build here.

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany is #2 in our best travel locations.

Castle is everyone’s all-time favorite as it makes us believe in the world of fantasy and magic like a castle in Harry Potter. Right? This is a truly beautiful castle that will blow your mind and having a trip here will be the best time of your life.

  1. The Island of Flores.

What can be more beautiful than being surrounded by flowers on all sides that will make you feel that you are in a fairy world or it’s just a dream? But this place will make your dream come true. The Island of Flores is located at the westernmost point of the Azores Archipelago near the coast of Portugal. With the flowers all around it also has natural hot springs and lagoons. That will make you swim for long and just be relaxed at the moment.

  1. Lake Hiller, Australia.

How unusual it will be to sit by the side of the pink lake? Lake Hiller in Australia is a vibrant pink color all year round. Yes, the lake is pink in color, you can imagine how pretty it would look? The reason behind the color remains a secret for many and some say it is due to the high content of salt in the water.

  1. Trang, Thailand.

This place is un-known by almost all the travelers in the world. The Trang Archipelago is undeveloped and hence houses some unspoiled beaches, islands,s and limestone mountains. This should be your next spot exploring all the hidden gems in the world.

  1. Silfra Fissure.

Silfra is a freshwater fissure which a unique place in the whole world. One can dive into the crystal clear water where the diver can swim between two continents. The experience here will be so great that you can even touch the continental plates of both North America and Europe while swimming in the transparent water.

  1. Chand Baori well

Chand Baori is one of the oldest and the biggest step wells in the whole world. This will appear to you like a geometry puzzle that seems to be kept unsolved. This was built in the 8th and 9th centuries by King Chanda which was a reliable water source for centuries. This beautiful work is now been examined by various visitors who come here to see the magnificent work.

  1. Siswan Forest Range, India.

This is a hidden gem in India which is located in the Outskirts of the Himalayas is one of the most peaceful places in India. It houses over 800 acres of protected forest surrounded by rolling hills, scenic beauty, and diverse flora and fauna. There are some villas near that will give you the opportunity for the most beautiful stay ever.

  1. The Marble Caves, Chile.

This hidden gem is located on a peninsula in Chile. The caves here are so beautiful that you will gaze all long. The caves are washed for thousands of years by waves that have washed away the calcium carbonate that has formed swirling marble patterns on cavern walls.

  1. Urup Island, Russia.

Urup is an uninhabited volcanic island in the south of the Kuril Islands chain in the Sea of Okhotsk in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean. Its name is derived from the word for salmon trout in the Ainu language. The island offers beautiful wildlife and a stunning location.

These were the 10 best-hidden gems in the world that will be the best place you have ever visited.