How to Travel with a Cat? [All possible ways]

travel with cat

Cats, the heartbeat of the internet are elegant feline creatures. As much as they are adorable creatures they are difficult to control when they are in their hyperactive mode. Unlike their ancestors who traveled to far lands in the Vikings ships, current days cat have become quite homely.  Along with their hairs, they have also shed their adventurous gene in the process of adaptation.

It becomes especially challenging to travel with a cat as they are not used to move, it can startle and stress them. It is not advisable to keep the cat loose in the vehicle, they could panic and can jump out of the vehicle

How to travel with a cat in a car?

For taking your cat on a road trip you will require a carrier. If it is a long ride along with the carrier you will need to carry cat food, water, and the litter box.

Put the carrier in the seat with little cushion such that it does not have much movement.  Put the seatbelt over the carrier so that it get a fix in the position and does fall off the seat by the bumps of the road.

Always feed the cat in a parked car, and let them out of the carrier after a few hours of driving. So that they can stretch themselves.

Also, don’t forget to take their favorite toy along with you to distract them when stressed and help them relax.

If you are traveling to a different state make sure you carry the necessary veterinary certificate as required by that state. Also, have a collar ID on your cat as a precautionary measure for the scenario that it might run away or get lost while traveling.
Make a prior reservation in the hotel which allow a pet on the premises, be upfront with your request that you are staying with a cat. Don’t try to sneak in or rely on that you talk your way through it.

If you want to carry your cat in your car you can do that without a carrier with a rolled-up window. This practice is not advisable, use this only if you are familiar with your cat’s behavior and it is comfortable in traveling like this.

For Plane Travel

You can take your cat on the plane through the cargo hold or by next to the seat depending on the services offered by the airlines.

Read the term and conditions of the airline regarding what breed they allow, what type of carrier they require, before booking the ticket.

The price of the ticket of taking your pet next to a seat is generally quite high as compared to the price of the ticket of the cargo hold.

Make your decision on basis of budget and need.

There you have it, you just need to follow the above-mentioned suggestion and you are ready to go travel with a cat. All the best.