Is PUBg full of bots? What is Bot? How to identify Bots?

Pubg bot

Player Unknowns Battleground or simply Pubg is one the most popular game among royale Battle games. There is no one who is unaware of Pubg games. When it was first released it attracted millions of players and still holding them even when there are so many other Battle Royale games available.

Recently Pubg developers decided to add bots in Pubg in their new update 7.1. Yes, bots in Pubg!!

Players unknowns Battlegrounds has become very popular among people whether it is PC, Console, or Pubg Mobile. It has easy-to-grasp controls, nice graphics, and realistic fights. Moreover, it provides a thrill to the players, being abandoned on an unknown island and then searching for weapons and clothes for survival makes it super interesting and thrilling.

It is no surprise that it is one of the most popular game among Battle Royale games and 4th most played games among Mobile games worldwide. But since the release of update 7.1 players are left wondering: Is Pubg full f bots? Why

Why is Pubg full of bots?

If you are playing Pubg since it was released then you must have become a veteran by now, but if you are playing now then you stand no chance. there are experts standing out there who will not let you upgrade your skill or rank.

To deal with this problem, Pubg developers decided to introduce bots in the Pubg game. According to them, when this game was first released everyone was new and noob but now the competition has raised and a Beginner stands no chance. The bots are introduced to help new and unskilled players.

With bots in their lobby, new players are able to get familiar with Pubg’s combat mechanics and able to develop their skills.

How many bots in Pubg?

Generally, bots are added to fill a lobby, for instance, if a lobby has 90 real players then 10 will be bots. Speaking of percentages it can be said that it has sometimes as high as 95% of bots and sometimes as low as 20%.

What is a bot in Pubg?

Bots are players added by game developers to help new players to stay in the ame for a longer period and develop their skills.

How to identify Bot in Pubg?

You can easily figure out a bot in the game. The bots act a bit robotic, by robotic we mean in a definite pattern. Here are some distinctive features with the help of which you can easily spot a bot in Pubg.

  • They move in a determined path and are calm and composed.
  • Bots always avoid entering houses or landing on the roof.
  • Bots circles around the houses with a player inside.
  • Instead of seeking cover bots usually walk in open areas. Even if you attack them they would hardly resist it.
  • A bot will never loot from a dead player.
  • There appear suddenly you can’t spot them from distance.
  • Their games are one of the best ways to recognize them. It is a combination of random numbers and alphabets.

What are the reactions of Players?

Despite the explanation given by the game developers, the addition of bots in the Pubg has stirred the entire fandom and enraged them. There are a lot of negative reactions of fans and players. And also a continuous demand to remove bots from the game.

Some feel like the inclusion of bots has spoiled the intense competitive mood of the game and some think that matches have become boring. Though the developers are still sticking to their decision though they are assuring to improve how bots are currently working.

Will PUBG remove bots?

According to Pubg Support, matches of lower-ranked players or MMR matches will still encounter lots of bots in their game, but they will continue to monitor the game and make changes accordingly.

How to remove Bots from Pubg?

According to Pubg Corporation, players with higher rank will encounter fewer bots. Therefore if you are a high-ranked player your game won’t be spoiled.

So start playing more matches and try to pass the Bronze bracket and then you will start to notice fewer bots in your game and enjoy a better Pubg experience.

Bonus: Pubg LITE Version has zero bots?

The addition of bots in Pubg has stirred the entire fandom and there is a lot going on but here is a bonus for you. Pubg Lite is a free version of the game and easily operable of systems with low specifications. There are many players who found almost no bots in their lobby. But even if there are some there are only very few in comparison to Pubg.