Communication tips in a Relationship

Communication tips in a Relationship

A relationship is a type of companionship between two people who have the same desires and interests. Two people who have romantic feelings for each other come together to work on each other and do efforts to make each other happy. Relationships are beautiful, there’s a lot of excitement and enthusiasm and a lot of fun activities in a relationship. A partner that helps you with emotional support and is there for you. However, at times it may happen that there is a lack of communication between the partners. Communication in terms of fights or just to say each other’s points. Let us see some tips on how you can mend that.

  • Communication Agree to hear and validate each other’s perspectives and concerns before you start to share. It is very important to be a good listener in a relationship hence start listening to your partner passionately and note their points or what they are trying to say. Don’t interrupt. A good listener goes a long way.
  • Don’t expect perfection. Healthy conversations take practice. Make progress your goal:
    Healthy Conversations
    we may want the perfect relationship which will have perfect communication and the perfect partner. However, there is no such thing as perfection. It may exist in the reel world but that is just a scam. In reality, you have to indeed work a lot in a relationship.
  • Communication Set ground rules before diving into difficult topics. “I want to talk about this, but first we need to agree to make this emotionally safe for both of us”: Oh yes a safe space is very important. In order to create a safe space start with taking things slow. If you are going to put a bomb on the other person it may get overwhelming for them. Hence ease into the conversation in a very strategic manner.
  • Use “I” Statements instead of blame and criticism. “I felt alone,” instead of “you ignored me.” Secure Relationship: Remember that when you are having an argument or sharing your opinions, you are fighting not for yourself but for the relationship which includes both of you. Hence make sure that you are not blaming the other person, this will only create more disputes and problems. Hence hold on.
  • Slow It Down. Pause and think before you speak. Make sure you think before speaking. Often at times when we are angry, we say things that we don’t mean. But your partner may not understand it later. Hence it is very important to think before speaking. Don’t say something that you might regret later.
  • Try to stay in the conversation even if you’re uncomfortable with conflict. Healthy conflict is healthy: be there for as long as possible. Remember that there will be tough times in a relationship and you have to fight through it TOGETHER.


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