How far the mosquitoes can travel depend largely on their particular breed.

Asian Tiger mosquito that can cover a distance of just a few hundred feet.

There are some breeds of mosquitoes that can cover distances up to 100 miles.

The mosquito that we usually come across can cover a distance of just 1-3 miles in their lifetime.

Breeding areas of the mosquito play a major role in determining the amount of distance they travel.

How far up can mosquitoes travel? 300 feet upwards

It has been found that most mosquitoes usually fly up to 25 feet above the ground. Mosquitoes can find nectar plants and blood hosts more easily at this level

Mosquitoes have very strong sense of smell. They can smell CO2 from 10-50 meters away.

Is it possible for a mosquito to cross an ocean? Yes, some migratory breeds of mosquitoes even cross an ocean for their survival or to reproduce.

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