The benefit of being a Travel Nurse

a) The pay of the traveling nurse is decent, the profession is well respected in society. b) Travelling all over the world. c) Experience a new culture, meet new people. d) Flexibility to choose the employer and city. e) Respect in the community.

Duties of the responsibility of the travel nurse include

a) Monitor health, look after the patient, administering the medication. b) Acting as a link between doctor and patient. c) Educating people about the various ailment. d) Take an administrative role if required.


The person should have completed the nursing degree. Travel nurses require experience from their internship or job before in a clinic or hospital.

Travel Nurse are of various types. Pick the one that suits you.

Registered nurse

Travel nurse

Cardiac nurse

ER nurse

Clinical nurse specialist (CNS)

Geriatric nurse

Critical care nurse