How to block neighbor’s security camera? Few Solutions!

Security Camera

Security cameras are a great piece of equipment. They have been useful in several ways to us. We can stop crimes from happening and can easily solve any criminal case with the evidence recorded. They also protect us from being robbed and against vandalism. Besides, we can remotely monitor our homes with the latest security cameras. However, what if we find that our neighbor’s security camera is spying on us? Instead of putting it to good use, the neighbor is trying to invade our privacy, what do we do in such cases? Well, one thing’s sure if jamming, disrupting the camera feed, and breaking the cameras will only worsen the situation.

What you can do as a first step is approaching your neighbor and discussing the issue with them. Tell them that you are uncomfortable having their cameras pointed in your direction. Be polite while doing so. Many times it is possible that your neighbor is unaware of the issue. You can bring the issue to their notice and ask them to readjust the angle of their security camera. However, if this doesn’t work then some legal ways can ensure your neighbor’s security cameras are no longer an issue. Let us see what they are.

  • Legally install security cameras on your property

Security Camera

While it’s true that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, try this out. If your neighbor is resilient and not ready to reposition the security cameras, give them a taste of their own medicine. You can have security cameras installed on your property. This will put them in your shoes. They will understand how annoying it is to feel constantly monitored. It will reveal how hostile they are acting. While doing so, don’t be afraid as you are legally entitled to have security cameras on your property. The neighbor will have no option but to give in and reposition the security cameras on their property.

  • Consult a third party or mediators

There’s no use having fistfights with your neighbor. It will only put you in legal trouble. So try avoiding any such measure. If you notice that they are simply being deaf to your polite requests, try consulting a mediator. As the issue is becoming highly common, there may be several mediators in your locality. There may also be some neighborhood mediation centers.

Approach such people and explain your issue to them. Such people are really helpful and must have handled even more grave issues than this. So, they will be having adequate knowledge to tackle the issue lawfully. Most probably they will hold mediated meetings between both parties. The goal behind this is to settle the dispute without any further complications or legal troubles.

  • Contact a lawyer or police

While most neighbors will listen to your polite requests, some intentionally keep causing trouble. They will cross the line time and again. If you find that your neighbor’s cameras are oriented to directly have a peek in your bedroom or bathrooms, the only solution is to approach a police officer. Seek advice from the law enforcers or consult a lawyer.

You can always ask them to check your neighbor’s camera angles and see if they are invading your privacy. If they are guilty, they are really in some serious trouble. The police or the lawyer will then ask them to reorient their cameras by issuing a warning. It is also possible that they’ll ask you to sue your neighbors and put them behind bars.

  • Block the camera view with LED lights

This is rather an unusual yet effective way to stop your neighbor from invading your privacy. But to do this, you must be quick on your feet. Also, this method will work only when you use powerful LED lights. The only limitation of this strategy is that it is useful in enclosed areas and during the night.

What you need to do is find the location where your neighbor’s security camera is. Then orient the LED light in such a way that it points directly at the camera lens. Make sure that you do this quickly to avoid detection by your neighbor. Ensure that the light remains in a steady position to constantly blind the camera.

  • Block the camera view with trees and shrubs

This is rather the best and most effective way to block your neighbor’s security camera. Apart from that, it will add to your property’s aesthetic value. In this method, you can plant tall trees or grown shrubs in front of your windows and private areas where the camera is trying to take a peek. It will appear to your privacy-invading neighbor that you are being environmentally friendly. However, what you are doing is spoiling their nasty plans. It is preferred to buy grown trees and shrubs that are very tall. Also only use them where you feel your privacy is being invaded. Don’t go on placing them throughout your property.

These are some of the useful ways to block your neighbor’s security camera. You’ll find several other articles with various solutions to your problems. But most of them will be misleading and will only cause you further trouble. Rather than providing a solution to your problem, they’ll only add fuel to the fire. So, we recommend you use any of the above methods to block your neighbor’s security camera.