Signs of Highly Sensitive People

Signs of highly sensitive people
  • You get drained from absorbing other People’s Feelings: 

Often, when someone else is sharing their trauma or their problems, it somehow triggers you and becomes overwhelming for you. Like their negativity is shared with you, and hence you get drained from absorbing their feelings. It is okay to feel that way, and you don’t need to be anybody’s therapist; instead, make sure you tell them that is not okay for your mental health

  • The Environment influences your state:

 this is a prevalent thing. A lot of people are influenced by the environment. Example: how some people don’t like winters and get seasonal depression at that time. Their performance is affected by the environment they are in. A quiet environment makes them happy, whereas being in a crowded and loud environment makes them overwhelmed and triggers their panic attacks. 

  • You get distressed by drama, cruelty, and violence more than people around you: 

this can happen. For example, you see some news about the rape of an individual; it may trigger your panic attacks more and more. That is, you are affected by drama and cruelty around you, and it makes you emotional. You feel deeply for others around you, and the negativity bothers you. In this case, make sure you stay away from the news, social media, or whatever that marks as a triggering point for you. 

  • You are very wise; You tend to see the real thing rather than what lies on the surface:

You make sure you view a situation from different sides and decide it. You don’t want to take things as it is but think about it. This is an excellent quality, and whenever you are trying to keep yourself in other’s shoes, you will think thoroughly and understand their perception. 

  • You have a rich and deep inner world:

You love to do deep talks and avoid small discussions as they make no sense to you and seem like a waste of time. You may even have a journal to express your feelings. You are very profound and expressive. You like to view the world profoundly and think about anything and everything around you, whether they are emotions or people. 

  • You hate making decisions:

Signs of highly sensitive people

You struggle at making decisions even about the simplest of things. It overwhelms you. 

  • You are kinder than most people:

 you are very empathetic and helpful and wish to be kind to everyone. Whenever you see someone struggling, you prioritize helping them and being there for them until they get well. You treat strangers like your own family and don’t discriminate or differentiate. You believe in the values of equality, justice, and empowerment.