Signs of Loneliness and How to deal with it?

Signs of loneliness and how to deal with it
  • You look happy in the day, but all you want to do is cry during the night. You have people to talk to, but no one who’d understand you. You fake a smile, but inside you’re dying.
  • It’s not easy to tell which side of you is accurate. Because no one knows how you feel. No one knows about the storm you carry inside. No one knows the scars you wear with pride.
  • You have to feel it and cry if you want, a breakdown on the floor, and finally face your life. You have to accept things but know that you are supposed to come back stronger than you are right now.
  • No one knows you break apart a million times each day and still manage to look okay. No one knows your struggle, your tears, your insecurities, or your pain, except you.
  • Loneliness isn’t easy, I know. It’s like a bunch of crazy things are happening inside your head without your permission. It kills a part of you each day. It’s hard, very, very hard.
  • But this loneliness is a guest. It won’t stay for too long. You have to fight it. You have to your heart and heavy in the eyes. Feeling empty inside, All of this has to stop.
  • Please know that loneliness is a gift to feel better again. It is the lesson that makes you complete and teaches you how to live. Learn it. Live it. Move on.
  • Now listen, your life is precious. Be your shoulder to cry on, your hand to hold whenever you want, and your fingers to wipe those tears because you can’t afford to live this bubble forever.

Ways to deal with loneliness: 

Signs of loneliness and how to deal with it

  • Start a Hobby: A hobby is a great way to be okay with solitude. A hobby lets you have daily goals and aspirations and makes you understand all the fun, for example, Travel, painting. Painting can be a lot of fun; you can brown through videos, learn tutorials, put your artwork on social media. Putting it out there can also help you with some much-needed socialization. 
  • Go on a dating app/friends app: so, as you know, social media is an excellent way of connectivity. Our technology has made it easier and given us beautiful ways to be out there. Go and register yourself in an app. Bumble has a BFF option that can help you make friends out there. 
  • Understand why you feel lonely: it can be due to a lack of self-love. Nowadays, it’s essential to be comfortable with solitude, and if you lack it, then there can be a lack of self-love. 
  • Start watching movies/ tv-shows or reading. All of this can elevate your skills and give you immense knowledge. 
  • Talk to your parents and loved ones: we often think that quantity is better than quality. But that’s not true. You can be okay with just the presence of a few good friends. Start investing in them.