Top 4 Benefits of Female Friendships

Female friendships

Female friendships, if anything, are fierce because they were born on the foundation of a rebellion because we were pitted against each other since the day we were born and we bonded despite that. Over shed blood and past traumas. Over threads, needles, and wax strips. Over our very will of surviving.

There are few things in the world better than laughing so hard with your friends you lose your breath, feel physical pain in your face, and know it’s only a matter of time before you pee your pants a little.

Let us see why these female-centric friendships are important:

  • You can talk to them about anything: Your husband or your boyfriend would hardly care about your home décor stuff or interests like makeup and fashion (if they do then that’s great) but your women will. You can share common interests with them and basically do all the girl talk without feeling guilty. In fact, they will be someone who will actually care and listen to you. Women’s friendships are so great in this manner.
  • You can do weird stuff with them:
    Again your husband won’t be there when you just want to do makeup on each other or want to play around with clothes or just shopping normally. Planning prom ideas, cooking, etc are so much more fun with girls because they will actually be into it. Basically, a partner who has the same interests as you.
  • You can rant to them about anything: You can talk to them about literally the dumbest things and vent to them. A woman understands another woman as they go through the same issues. It’s hard for a man to think from the perspective of a woman and hence here your girl gang comes to the rescue. Be it discussing boyfriend issues, discussing your periods, or whatnot, you can do all that with your girls. And mind you, women give the best emotional support.
  • Someone who only requires friendship from you: Honestly having someone who doesn’t act like your mother or having someone that you will have any worries of breaking up is the best thing. They will be there for you truly because all they want is friendship and expect the same in return. There is clear transparency and honesty when it comes to female friendships. That’s the best part. You can be yourself with them without any judgments. Female friendships are not superficial like any other relationship.

In the end, I would like to say that I don’t mean that love or family is not important but it is true that your friends will stay with you no matter what and your women will literally take a bullet for you. All the best for all women’s love!