How to clean a camera lens? Brush, Cloth, Fluid, Know what is best?

Clean a Camera Lens

A camera is a highly valuable piece of equipment. Not only does it allow you to capture the images but it also enables you to retain them forever. All cameras consist of some common elements or parts. It is important to keep all these parts clean and free from dust and dirt so that you can have good quality images.

Out of all the camera components, the lens is probably the only one that is regularly exposed to the surrounding environment. That is keeping it clean and perfect is very crucial. The cleanliness of your camera lens is directly linked with the image quality. This doesn’t mean that you should clean your camera lens in a similar way that you clean your glasses. Also, excessive cleaning must be avoided so that you don’t end up scratching the lens yourself. If you wish to know the ideal way to clean a camera lens, then this article is the perfect one for you.

Always remember that cleaning of the lens must be done only when it is required. Also, there is a proper way to clean a camera lens. If you wish to clean your camera lens properly then don’t do it in haste, instead, take your time. After all, you have spent several bucks on buying these lenses and you wouldn’t want to damage them. Now, let’s get to the main part.

The ideal way to clean a camera lens

  • Getting the dust away with a soft brush

If you are someone, who lives in a dusty area or uses the camera in a dusty environment, then dust can accumulate on your camera lens regularly. In such cases, the best way to remove the accumulated dust is to use a soft brush. However, use the soft brush gently. If you apply excess force, then the dust on the lens will cause scratches while it is being removed. What you need to do is get the dust to the edge of the lens. Once you do this you need to flip the camera in such a way that the dust falls off the lens by itself without any help from you. The most important thing while cleaning the lens with a brush is to remember that the bristles of the brush must be very soft and you must not apply excessive force.

  • Use a blower instead of a brush

If you are not sure that you can use a brush delicately, try a blower instead. It is to get rid of the dirt and dust on the lens in a contactless way. The blower produces a stream of pressurized air that is free from moisture. It is recommended not to blow with your mouth as it will lead to the entry of saliva droplets in the lens through the gaps if there are any. Also do not go for canned air. Canned air can cause the condensed gas in them to penetrate the lens if it is a cheap one. Also, the pressure with which the canned air is released on the lens may cause the dust particles to end up inside the lens. A blower is therefore an ideal choice for a contactless cleaning method. A few blows of air from the blower will get rid of large amounts of contaminants from your lens.

  • Keep a microfiber cloth close to you

Clean a Camera Lens

Once you’ve got rid of most of the dirt on the lens either by a soft brush or by a blower, a microfiber cloth can be used to thoroughly clean the lens. It is one of the best and cheapest tools that you can use for cleaning your camera lens. The microfiber cloth is solely designed for cleaning glass materials. It only gets rid of the very small and sticky dust particles but also wipes away the oil and moisture on the lens. Also, the cloth can be simply reused after washing. Start at the center of the lens and slowly move towards the edge. This ensures that you circularly clean your lens. The microfiber cloth works well with or without a cleaning fluid. The only thing to remember is to be gentle.

  • If possible use a cleaning fluid

If you wish for a more thorough clean-up of your lens, it is advisable to use cleaning fluid. The cleaning fluids not only take care of dirt and dust but also get rid of any moisture or oil on the lens. One thing to remember while using a cleaning fluid is that always place the fluid on a cloth rather than the lens directly. As you don’t know how much fluid you exactly require, you may end up putting an excess of it on the lens. This excess fluid will then make its way inside the lens and cause you some trouble. So, always take a few drops on a cloth and start cleaning the lens. Begin from the center and move towards the edge in a circular pattern.

Prevention is always better than cure

We may have often heard this line, but we rarely put it to use. If we take certain measures firsthand to ensure that the lens doesn’t get dirty, then we wouldn’t require worrying about cleaning it. It is highly recommended for all camera users to use special filters on their lens. These filters not only block the UV light from entering your eyes but also protect your lens from getting scratched. Also while cleaning it is the filter that will be cleaned and not the lens itself.

Another way to prevent your lens from being dirty is to use a grip. This will ensure that your hands won’t end up touching the lens and you can hold the camera more firmly. Also, try keeping a few sachets of silica gel in your camera case. These sachets are very efficient in absorbing moisture and they need to be replaced if they swell up.